My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time learning at Mindful Music Center. Especially the summer camp! He is also mentally and physically disabled but has always been welcomed by the staff and students. Desiree has put so much time and love into her teaching and it shows. Your student will be safe and have fun while attending!

Hope C., (2023)

My two older kids went to 2 weeks of music camp last summer and they both had a blast! Lots of activities, awesome hands on exposure to musical instruments, and songs that they’ve been singing ever since! Both have asked almost every day when they’re doing back to music camp, they can’t wait for this summer!

Amanda R., (2023)

My song couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had at summer camp! He learned violin, piano, voice, percussion, and had a great time while doing so. Teacher Desirae is so patient and also really able to do the magic of helping my kid pay attention and stay interested and engaged. He learned so much and can’t wait to do camp again next summer!

Melinda O., (2023)

Mrs. Desirae is a nice, professional and knowledgeable teacher. She always smiles and always working hard to the students, we like my daughter stay with her to learning the piano.

Qiu Y., Parent (2020)

My son has been receiving piano lessons for the last 8 weeks and he is doing so well. My 10-year-old son has ADHD and ASD, and Mrs. Desirae is able to keep him focused, calm and engaged. He enjoys the class and the piano lessons have also helped him improve his fine motor skills, including his pencil grasp and is able to write for longer periods of time. mindful music is a Gardiner Scholarship direct provider which makes the classes affordable and convenient. My older son will probably start after school ends now that they have added flute, ukulele and other options.

Paola H., Parent (2020)

We love Mr. Damion. He is kind and knowledgeable. My 3 kids take piano lessons with him and they work hard because he makes it fun and they want to do their best for him. Highly recommended!

Happy F. K., Parent (2020)

Desirae is an excellent piano teacher. Our daughter was able in less than a year to learn the basics of the keyboard. Incredible progress at such a young age (3 years old). I highly recommend her.

Nathalie C., Parent (2018)

We are so proud to be a Mindful Music family. We’ve been with Mrs. Desirae for close to 2 years now and our son loves attending music class with her. Our son was adopted internationally and has Down Syndrome. Mrs. Desirae has been wonderfully patient, kind and understanding as we’ve navigated changes and challenges over this course of time. Class started as just something for him to do because he needed exercise and loves music. This year we decided to have him participate in the Winter Recital and we could not be more proud of him.

Hope C., Parent (2019)

Desirae is especially kind and caring. She has a gentle and encouraging way of teaching and our son has already learned a lot! She is always on time and we truly appreciate the blessing of her as an instructor! Thank you!

Stacey T., Parent (2019)

I really like the way Desirae teaches my kid. She is very prompt, on time…very gentle and caring. I would recommend her to all my friends.

Praveena R., Parent (2018)

Desirae is teaching piano to my grandson, who is 15. He has had his first lesson with her and he liked her very much. He said he thinks she is a good teacher! Desirae arrived at his home right on time for the lesson. She is quite friendly and personable and my grandson looks forward to future lessons with her.

Ruth G., Grandparent (2018)

Ms. Desirae makes piano lessons more interesting and fun. My daughter enjoyed her lesson.

Julie S., Parent (2017)

Desirae is very kind and patient with kids. She provides a very comfortable atmosphere for learning. I highly recommend Mindful Music.

Jessica B., Parent (2017)

Desirae is kind, patient and encouraging in teaching our son how to play the piano. She is extremely punctual and professional. I can’t speak highly enough of her and her teaching.

Chanel W., Parent (2017)

Desirae is absolutely wonderful with kids. She’s patient and knowledgeable. My children look forward to every lesson.

Louna H., Parent (2017)

My 7-year-old daughter has been taking lessons for a month and has learned so much already! We love Mindful Music Center!

Jennifer M., Parent (2017)

Great teacher! Very kind and patient.

Nghia V., Parent (2017)

My daughter has been taking Desirae’s vocal lessons for about a year and has improved drastically thanks to her instruction. She’s now getting the lead roles and solos that she wants. Desirae is patient, kind, and so encouraging. She also really knows her stuff! She has an amazing ability to visualize sound and communicate that image to her students in a way that makes sense to them.

Michelle L., Parent (2017)

Desirae was a very good instructor. I learned so much in just a little bit of time! If you are looking to take vocal lessons and are serious about improving your voice for a very good price, I would totally recommend you take lessons with Desirae. I have nothing bad to say about her. Not only is she a good teacher, but she is also really nice.

Sean Q., Student (2017)

Desirae is well organized. She has specific goals for me and keeps me working on them for the entire lesson. She understands how to communicate with me despite my communication problems and best of all, she expects me to work hard and make progress.

Kyle K., student (2016)

Desirae is a wonderful piano instructor and taught my daughter privately off and on for years! In addition, I have had the opportunity to work alongside her on several occasions, and have been amazed at her instant connection with children of all ages. I was especially inspired by attending several choral concerts that she both produced and conducted when she was a music teacher at a private school. I was amazed at her ability to not only teach and organize, but to cast and inspire 250 children ranging in age from kindergarten to 8th grade! She is not only a talented pianist, but a gifted teacher as well! I highly recommend her.

Juliana S., Parent (2016)

I signed my 9-year-old daughter up for singing lessons at Mindful Music Center. She absolutely loves it. Desirae is very knowledgeable and great with kids. The lessons are also very affordable. I would highly recommend her.

Joe B., Parent (2016)

I love that I found Desirae. She is a great teacher and my daughter loves her. I recommend Desirae to any parent that needs a great person to teacher their kid or kids the love of music.

Barbara R., Parent (2016)

Desirae Salas, among many things is a pianist and a music instructor and is excellent at what she does.

Reyniel T., Student (2016)

Desirae Salas is an amazing musician as well as person. Her personality is one that works well with anybody, and she is extremely knowledgeable about her instruments. I was hired to accompany her choir and she was very dedicated to her students, and allowed their musicianship to shine. Hire Desirae and you will never need to find another teacher!

Tabitha M., Accompanist (2016)

My daughter really likes to study the piano with Mrs. Desirae. She is a very professional, kind and sweet teacher. She is always nice and patient to my daughter. We all like her very much.

Yan Huang, Parent (2016)