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A private music studio that specializes in piano and voice lessons for students of all ages and abilities, including students with disabilities. 
About Desirae Salas and Mindful Music 


My passion  for music was awakened when I first began receiving classical piano lessons at age five. My love of music and desire to create and learn continuously grew as I achieved my Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree at Palm Beach Atlantic University. It was there that I also realized my passion for teaching! After completing my bachelor's degree, I enjoyed two years of teaching pre-k through middle school music, elementary choir, and percussion ensemble as the music  teacher at Summit Christian School, while also giving private piano and voice lessons. Although I loved teaching music to typical students, I began to realize that the need for music education went much deeper. So, I decided to continue my path in the field of education by obtaining a Master of Education degree in Exceptional Student Education at the University of Central Florida (2014). It was through my classes and internships at UCF, but most of all my experiences as a classroom teacher for students with autism, that I began to more fully understand the important role that music plays in the lives of all children -- especially children with autism and other related disabilities. Now my greatest desire has become to share with students, with and without disabilities, the musical passion that I have been so fortunate to experience, while facilitating their growth and development not only musically, but physically, socially, emotionally, and academically as well.


Music is a powerful art form and mode of communication. It generates emotions, stimulates the brain, brings people together, and improves lives. Not only can learning an instrument be fun and challenging, but it also increases ones sense of well-being, develops various skills, and aids physical development as well.
Recent research shows more and more benefits to learning a musical instrument, including: 
  • Increased Well-Being 
    • Relaxation
    • Self-Expression
    • Reduce Pain/Anxiety
    • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Relive Fatigue 
  • Develop Skills: 
    • ​Literacy
    • Cognitive
    • Social
    • Communication
    • Interpersonal/Intrapersonal 
  • ​Physical Development:
    • ​Fine motor skills
    • Speech and Language 



  • 20+ Years of classical piano training 
  • 5 Years of classical voice training
  • Over 35 voice/piano clients 
  • Certified in Music Education and Exceptional Student Education
  • Specializes with students with Autism 

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