About Mindful Music Center:

My name is Desirae Salas, and I started Mindful Music Center in 2015, and have taught piano lessons and voice lessons to students of all ages and abilities, including preschool students, children, teens, adults, and students with disabilities. Since then, Mindful Music Center has continued to grow and I have added four more teachers, who teach piano lessons, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, flute lessons, and cello lessons. We also offer baby music classes, and music classes for students with Down Syndrome and Autism, and accept the Gardiner Scholarship. Students at MMC are able to participate in the Piano Guild Auditions as well as other competitions and perform in two recitals per year. We are continuing to grow and are currently excited to accept new students!

Teaching Philosophy

Music is a powerful art form and mode of communication. It generates emotions, stimulates the brain, brings people together, and improves lives. Not only can learning an instrument be fun and challenging, but it also increases one’s sense of well-being, develops various skills, and aids physical development as well. Recent research shows more and more benefits to learning a musical instrument, including:

Increased Well-Being
Reduce Pain/Anxiety
Lower Blood Pressure
Relive Fatigue
Develop Skills:
Physical Development:
Fine motor skills
Speech and Language

Teachers at Mindful Music Center believe that every student can be successful in learning an instrument, and are passion and excitement for teaching our instrument radiates to our students.

Learn more about each teacher on the “Meet the Teachers” page!