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Desirae Salas
  • Owner
  • Piano Instructor
  • Voice Instructor
  • Mini-Musicians Instructor

“My greatest desire has become to share with my students the musical passion that I have been so fortunate to experience, while facilitating their overall growth and development.”

Damion Parham
  • Piano Instructor

“I have a passion for bringing out the best in my students and making instrument learning an exciting and enjoyable experience.”

Wesley Baker
  • Guitar Instructor

“My passion for creating music and sharing my knowledge with others is unmatched, and I could not be more excited to be a part of the incredibly talented team here at Mindful Music Center!”

Safiya Ali
  • Voice Instructor
  • Piano Instructor
Luz Ortiz
  • Violin Instructor
Lauren Smedberg
  • Voice Instructor
  • Piano Instructor

“I found my love for teaching through choir, and my passion to teach my students grows every day.”

“Music is my passion and teaching my life experiences to students is now my new challenge and commitment as a teacher to see them enjoy and learn through it”.

“I believe music can have a place in every person’s life, and it is my goal as a teacher to help everyone find a place for it in theirs.”