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A private music studio that specializes in piano and voice lessons for students of all ages and abilities, including students with disabilities. 

Meet the Teachers 

Elizabeth Stoner-Piano Teacher

Damion Parham-Piano Teacher

My music education began when I was five years old. My mother signed me up for lessons as a summer activity, and neither of us would have thought that it would have enriched nearly every facet of my life to the extent that it did. I studied music continuously after that first summer with a variety of teachers, but the teacher who had the greatest impact during my pre-college studies was Marina Agrest, a graduate from the Moscow Conservatory, who inspired my love and appreciation for Classical music and its performance. I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Music (2014) in classical piano performance at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina where I studied with native Berliner David Gross. The program had a strong emphasis on teaching, and this fostered my passion for teaching music as well as performing it. I took on students with a wide range of abilities, ranging from young beginning students to older students studying serious repertory and preparing for competitions and auditions.
I continued to teach while I pursued a Master’s of Arts (2016) in Music History and Criticism at the acclaimed Jacobs School of Music in Indiana. While there, I primarily taught music history and theory, but I never lost my enthusiasm for teaching piano. I still taught young piano students but I also developed a passion for teaching older beginners and adults who wanted to learn piano as a fulfilling pastime. I continued to teach music history, theory, and performance to students of all ages while completing two years of postgraduate study at Jacobs. I moved to Orlando in 2018 and am thrilled at the opportunity to teach again.

Taking piano lessons is not simply about learning to play the piano. Every student has the capacity to learn and play music, but each student has unique musical strengths based on their own personalities and experiences. In lessons, students learn to identify their own strengths to better understand themselves, their unique personalities and ways of thinking. At the piano, students learn to think critically and better understand their own learning style while also gaining a technical skill that enhances motor skills and encourages self-expression.
Damion’s love of music started by learning the violin at the age of 5 in Daytona Beach, FL. Inspired by his grandfather, an avid violinist, he played in orchestras throughout middle and high school. In his teens, he developed a keen interest in the piano and taught himself how to play by ear. He went on to study classical piano under the tutelage of Dr. Frank Contreras and Wendy Bramhall at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL, and earned a B.A. in Piano Performance in 2006. While in college, Damion played and performed in many venues and also developed an affinity for teaching others. After graduation, he returned to Sanford, FL and continued his music career by playing and directing music at several Central Florida churches and teaching private piano lessons. Over the years, Mr. Parham has played with the Seminole State College Jazz and Gospel ensembles. He’s also part of a touring band which has been featured at several local events with keynote speakers such as Condaleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, and Channel 9 news anchor Vanessa Echols. Mr. Parham, known to the students as Mr. P, has taught music at the Pre-K, elementary and Junior High levels. He has taught private piano lessons for 15+ years to students from ages 4-80. In addition to the violin and keyboard instruments, Mr. P also plays acoustic and electric guitar. Mr. P has a passion for bringing out the best in his students and making instrument learning an exciting and enjoyable experience. He looks forward to being part of the Mindful Music Center team.    

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