Violin Instructors

Meet our talented violin instructor! Read Shaun’s biography and watch a short video to get to know more about him and what we offer for violin lessons.

“As a teacher, I believe that music performing arts is a universal language – and that anyone is capable of producing beauty through their craft.”  
~Shaun Cobb-Violin Instructor

Beginning my musical journey as a child, I started studying the violin at a very young age. After hearing a violinist perform for my pre-k class, I knew at that moment that I was destined to pursue music! At the beginning stages of my violin journey, I participated in the A Gift for Music Orchestra where I served as Concertmaster for three years. Through this program I learned that music is universal – and that anyone can produce something beautiful through music!

I was part of the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra (FSYO) during my high school years, moving from Assistant Concertmaster in their Philharmonic Orchestra, up to their Symphonic Orchestra. Through FSYO, I toured with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra to Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, and Munich; as well as performed with them at Carnegie Hall in New York. I also participated in the FSYO Stringmania Summer Camp as a teacher/mentor for 3 consecutive summers. I went on to pursue my undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree at Rollins College. In May 2023, I completed my graduate studies at the University of Central Florida where I received my Master of Arts degree. My goal as a musician is to continue to spread my knowledge and love of music with as many as I can! Alongside teaching with Mindful Music Center, I also have 4 years of prior teaching as a strings teacher through schools such as: Orlando School of Music, Beats & Tunes School of Music, as well as the Ryan Ace Music Academy. I am a firm believer that anyone is capable of learning music, and that anyone can achieve their musical goals through passion and hard work. I want my students to love music, be proud of what they produce on their instrument, and most importantly – have fun while doing it!