Pandemic Pleasures: Music is KEY

Any other parents out there feel like your kids are missing out on activities they would normally be able to do pre-pandemic? I know I have been feeling that way with my 18-month-old these past couple of months. I’m longing for the days where we would go to the library, playground, play dates, meet up with mom friends, and am missing just having the option to take my son on all the adventures we would think of spur of the moment. We are all needing moments of joy and nourishing activities right now more than ever.

So what kind of activities can your kids do during this pandemic that will not only be safe, but that they can enjoy and that will be beneficial to them? The answer–music lessons! There’s no wrong time to start learning an instrument, and now might actually be the perfect time to start! The benefits to music instruction are endless, and right now more than ever, kids and parents are needing something to do that will nourish them, makes them feel good, and gives them something to accomplish.

So why is learning an instrument a great idea right now?  

Read on to find 5 reasons why your child should start learning an instrument today.


With everything so up in the air lately, kids are needing some structure and stability. Music lessons will help build that structure into their daily lives by giving kids something constructive to do with their free time, as they create practice habits. Music lessons will also give your kids something to look forward to each week as they meet with their teacher and receive new material. When your child is enrolled in music lessons, he/she will have goals to work on each week, and can feel great about working hard and achieving those goals! The best thing about teaching an instrument is those moments where I get to see my students reach their goals that they have been working so hard to achieve. The sense of accomplishment and proud feeling I get to see on my students’ faces when they master a new skill, or perform a song, or grasp the concept of reading music, is absolutely priceless.  


Now, more than ever, kids are in dire need of a creative outlet. Listening to music and creating music has such a calming and positive effect on a person. As a music teacher, I love it when my students surprise me during lessons with a song that they learned all on their own, because they simply wanted to be more immersed in their music! Research shows that learning to play an instrument increases one’s sense of well-being, provides relaxation, and provides a place for self-expression. But did you know that it can also reduce pain and anxiety, decrease the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone), lower blood pressure, and relieve fatigue? Gaining these life-time tools sounds like a great reason to take up an instrument! 

3.     NEW SKILLS:

Taking up an instrument provides the opportunity to gain many new skills, which can help boost your child’s confidence and self-worth, and give them something they can be proud of! It also creates excitement and motivation to keep learning as your children discover that they’re able to master each skill, and continue to tackle more advanced skills. There’s nothing more satisfying for a music teacher, and student, to see the joy and sense of accomplishment that mastering a skill brings our students, and how much more motivated the students become to work harder in the future and reach higher goals.


As the spread of Covid-19 continues, I myself as a parent am looking for safe activities in which my child can participate, and I imagine other parents, especially parents with older kids than my toddler, are in the same predicament. The great news is, learning a new instrument is one activity that can still be enjoyed despite the current pandemic! It is easy to maintain proper social distance since the option for online lessons is available, and it’s a great, educational activity to keep your little ones entertained and motivated! 

(Read my next blog post to find out how to keep your child motivated during virtual lessons!)


Parents need a break too! I know I’m not the only parent these days who is craving even that 20-minutes of “me time”, right? It’s really hard to get these days with working from home, not having adequate child care, and not being able to treat yourself to a spa day, or mani-pedi! Having your child in weekly lessons will allow you to get your weekly 30-45 minutes to yourself! My piano and voice students have been great at setting up their own zoom lessons, staying engaged during lessons, and keeping up with their practicing, with minimal parental supervision. I even have 6-year-old students who are able to set up their iPad, start their metronome, and sign-off of our lesson when it ends. Your child can stay entertained with an activity that you know is going to benefit them (rather than just watching TV or playing video games), while you can get some much-needed time to yourself.


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